Curriculum :

The students learn in an informal way through the play way method under guidance of well trained teachers. They are helped to develop their psycho-motor skills-through learning by doing. The emphasis is to concentrate on the physical, mental and emotional growth of the child and to make them self reliant. The teachers help to awaken an interest in the students which make them eager to pursue excellence in all sphere.

Our curriculum aims to develop the whole child, primarily focusing on children physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. The unique feature of our syllabus is that, it is innovative, thematic and skill based. Itis a combination of integrated concepts that provides hands on and exploratory which makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Our learning Process integrates creativity and academic development that encourages curiosity and joy of learning. Children are free to grow, develop and discover their full potential in an environment that is caring and rooted in the familiarity of their context.

Concept Development
Fine Motor Co-ordination
Formal Work Preparation
Music and Movement
Creative Arts
Mathematical concepts
Field Trips