Principal's Message:

Welcome to ICON International School for the new session of 2016-17. Our motto is "In pursuit of excellence ", In our efforts to maintain high standards of excellence, we rely on the support of parents and students. Excellence is the forefront of all that we do.

At ICON, we educate and prepare our students to be responsible productive citizens and lifelong learners of the society. We believe all students can learn and reach high levels of achievement. Thus we strive to create a climate of success for all students and endeavor to provide numerous teaching techniques as we stretch our students to achieve excellence.

We further believe that all parents, teachers, administrators of ICON family must join in assuming responsibility for students' success.

Our goals ahead this year are:

  • Provide a holistic education that nurtures the whole personality.
  • Promote multiple-intelligence development to allow students to develop their own individual talents.
  • Uphold moral and spiritual values based on our religion.
  • Instilling in each student a caring attitude.
  • Nurture in each student an open outlook in life, respect for the cultural diversity and the beliefs and values of all people, and a sense of commitment and social responsibility.
  • Provide a bilingual program that emphasizes both English and Hindi languages and culture and leads to fluency in these two languages.

My teachers will engage in interdisciplinary teaching and will provide opportunities for students to apply their learning to real life projects. This year we have planned even more initiatives that would provide a more nurturing and supportive environment for the students. There will be a focus on literacy, excellent extra-curricular activities. We strive to unite the best elements of the Eastern and Western traditions and practices.

Efforts are presently underway to give a new look to the school. ICON will be the place for learning where students will take their formative steps to achieve success and plan for meaningful careers.

I take a pledge to improve, enhance the skills of our children at ICON with my whole staff, I give them the Knowledge to be a sensible human being.

Let's work together!

Mrs. Abha Tyagi